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Data-driven feedback that helps agents win instructions.
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Win more instructions. Sell more of your stock.

Vendors love trueview because they get instant, detailed feedback.
You’ll love it because it helps you manage expectations and negotiate sales.

How it Works

• After each viewing, your negotiators ask the applicant to rate the property using our simple app. It takes less than 20 seconds to complete and over 90% of buyers fill in the survey when requested.

• We collect these scores and email them directly to the vendor. The email arrives in their inbox in less than a minute and gives them data-based feedback from the buyer. Each vendor also has access to their own private dashboard containing all of the feedback from every viewing.

• Because we know which viewings lead to an offer being accepted, our clever algorithm automatically creates a predictive score for each viewing, showing how likely that buyer is to go on to make an offer.

• Because vendors know the data comes from buyers, they are more likely to believe it. Crucially this is the case even when the feedback is negative. And since they trust it, they are more likely to act on it, making it easier for agents to close the sale.

What our customers say

“We were initially interested in subscribing to trueview as we felt it would provide us with a unique point of difference in the local market, whilst also providing vendors with a modern, transparent approach to viewing feedback.

However, the real benefit for sellers is seeing their unique property score and how this compares to other properties on the market. This is incredibly helpful when negotiating sales or if having to consider a price amendment.

Since using trueview, we’ve been delighted with the results. Vendors absolutely love it and it really helps us to differentiate ourselves, as none of our competition offer anything like it. There’s absolutely no doubt that it’s helped us to win more instructions and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.”
Manager, Winkworth, Borehamwood

True View app image“We are making good use of trueview and I am finding it particularly useful to show to prospective clients on appraisals. The feedback from existing vendors and applicants has also been very positive.”
Manager, CJ Hole in Southville, Bristol.

“Four of the last seven sales we’ve agreed were successfully negotiated with the vendor as a direct result of the trueview feedback in relation to property price.”
Director, Hunters in Camberwell.