Modernise your agency; Reduce costs with a new digital branch

Propoly helps High Street Agents build a digital storefront and introduce digital self-service for customers for the low value admin tasks of the lettings transaction.
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Propoly cover imagePropoly helps High Street branches streamline the lettings transaction empowering agents to be more productive by introducing elements of landlord and tenant self-service in the process. Through our technology system, Tenants and Landlords will undertake admin tasks such as Property Compliance, Property Marketing, Tenancy Progression whilst Agents focus and perform the high value tasks such viewings and negotiations. The level of self-service you elect to introduce into your lettings process is up to you and what makes sense for your agency.

You may think, what about my CRM and how do I keep a single point for all my data? We will integrate directly with your CRM of which some we have already established integrations with, avoiding the need of double entry.

Each agent will receive a white-label platform with a custom lettings workflow. To increase transparency for Landlords and Tenants, they will each have visibility and engagement in parts of the process and participate in digital signing, instant payments, referencing via their own logins of the portal.