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You didn't become an estate agent to edit photos and floor plans

Drop your photos and sketches into PropertyBOX and in just a few hours, you'll get beautiful photos and floor plans – for free
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We’re on a mission to help you:
  • • Wow your vendors with beautiful photo enhancements
  • • Make the time wasted on tricky floor plan software a thing of the past

In a digital world, properties with polished photos and floor plans get the views. But let’s be honest: you didn’t become an estate agent to edit photos and floor plans. We’re willing to bet that navigating tricky photo and floor plan software isn’t the best part of your job.

That’s where PropertyBOX comes in. Powered by KeyAGENT technology, it’s an app that lets agents scrap the time and money wasted on floor plan subscriptions and photo enhancement.

Your usage is unlimited, so there’s no need to spend time debating whether a property deserves the extra TLC. With consistently beautiful photos and floor plans, your whole estate agency brand becomes more inviting.

Whether it’s a quick snap on your iPhone or a professionally taken DSLR shot, drop it in PropertyBOX and let the magic happen.


Rather get the help of a professional photographer?

KeyAGENT is a multi-award-winning property marketing supplier to thousands of estate agent branches across the UK.

As well as being the creators of PropertyBOX, we provide 100,000 properties with photos and floor plans every year. With a network of 760 specially-trained professional photographers, we process 2.5m photos annually.



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