Key Nest

KeyNest – Smart Key Exchange

KeyNest Office is a unique key management system that tracks keys in and out of offices, without the need for any paper trail. Our system gives you full transparency of where keys are, who has them, and when they are due to return at the click of a button.
Marc Figueras
02036 334599

KeyNest Office is already used by the UK’s leading agents to ensure they never lose track of a set of keys for any reason. In addition to our key management system for the office, KeyNest also has a nationwide network of more than 200 KeyNest Stores that are open 24/7 and securely hold keys on behalf of agents, so they can easily manage access online for contractors, surveyors, external viewing companies (eg Viewber), cleaners, short-term rental (eg Airbnb) guests, etc. Our key-holding stores are particularly helpful to enable agents to manage properties that are outside of their catchment area by holding the keys locally.

Our Stores already hold thousands of keys for more than 5,000 clients across the UK. Our services can be purchased directly from our official partners Viewber and Airbnb, or simply head to to book your demo and find out more.