Your Route To Raving Fans

We provide authentic insights, reviews and star rankings to help the world become a better place one customer at a time.

JudgeService is the UK’s most credible online review providers and understands how powerful reviews are in influencing buyer behaviour and aiding a conversion.
Our business was launched in 2011 and has received more than 750,0000 reviews and is currently used by more than 1,000 British brands. We provide end-to- end customer contact and monitoring tools, which not only enable groups to assess sales and satisfaction across different branches, but also encourage and promote positive customer testimonials on Google and via social media.

As an independent review provider we are dedicated to bringing unbiased customer reviews to the marketplace. And whilst they are compelling, these reviews are just the tip of the iceberg compared to the rich vein of customer data that JudgeService clients are able to use to manage and improve their businesses.