Lettings software to maximise revenues

Goodlord is the first technology to streamline the lettings process for agents, landlords and tenants. By digitising the tenancy creation and progression, Goodlord cuts pointless, time-consuming administration for agents while transforming the tenant and landlord experience. Goodlord also increases agency revenue with the inclusion of services such as insurance and tenant move-in assistance.
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Goodlord is technology that streamlines the lettings process for agents, landlords and tenants by digitising tenancy creation and progression.

The platform reduces administrative costs while providing new revenue-generating opportunities to agencies who can use the platform to easily provide additional services to landlords and tenants – which can be purchased with the click of a button.

How Goodlord helps agencies:

Diversify revenue streams with no additional work: Generate more revenue and improve customer experience by offering insurance, utility set-up and tenancy void period management at the click of a button.

Improve tenant experience: Meet tenant expectations for customer service in the digital age by offering a streamlined, mobile-friendly experience that lets tenants complete their application whenever and wherever they are.

Ensure compliance: Always be up to date with the latest legislative changes with contracts amended by a leading UK legal team, plus automatic distribution of documents like the How to Rent guide.

Streamline operations: Double the number of tenancies your staff process each month while reducing administration costs.


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