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Matching the right employee to the right job is crucial for business success. To do so requires experience and time, but unfortunately busy companies and hard working candidates can often struggle to have both.

GCB Recruitment help bridge that gap. We actively search on your behalf to find and pair the most suitable candidates with the correct job. As specialists in property and financial recruitment, we know the qualities required to flourish in these sectors. We back this industry insight up with an in-depth fact finding process for each candidate and role.

Established in 2010 by Managing Director Gareth Broom, GCB offer a focused, approachable service which brings proven results. Our market share has grown year on year, recruiting for a broad range of corporate and independent property and financial institutions across the UK and overseas.

We offer our clients competitive commission rates with a tiered rebate structure, giving you peace of mind over your new recruit. Our extensive marketing and advertising service enables us to find the best candidates in the market place, with a clear understanding of their requirements. We assist with interview feedback, help with negotiations and even ensure your new recruit is ready for their first day!

We use a region specific approach, meaning you will have a single point of contact throughout the process who understands what you require. In fact, with the largest job and candidate pool in the market, we probably already have the right candidate or role for you already.